Water-Map APP

To promote the use of water bottles that can be refilled in a sustainable way, the NGO European Water Project has created Water-Map. This App is a collaborative project developed in partnership with OpenStreetMap.

Over 280,000 drinkable water points can be found worldwide on the app. With Water-Map, you can find a place to refill your water bottle anywhere for free. Together let's refill, reuse and reduce the consumption of single-use plastic!


Visualize the closest places to refill your water bottle. Together, we can make the planet better!


The Water-Map app indicates how you can contribute in the "Add a Fountain" section.


Let the Water-Map app guide to the nearest drinking fountain or participating café.


We count over 280,000 water fountains world-wide. Refill your water bottle wherever you are.


Install the Water-Map App on your smartphone and start refilling up your reusable water bottle. In the city, in the mountains, on the road, you will be surprised to find so many drinking water points close to you!

The story of plastic, including its recycling myths.

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